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survey, 873,000 more americans reported having jobs. senator ayotte, isn't the economy getting better? well, i think, what is disappointing about the report is the down tick we saw in unemployment is because of part-time work, for economic reasons, so people who want full-time jobs, taking lower pay, you can't support a family on part-time work. an of course we still have the sad fact that we have the lowest labor participatings rate since 1981, and if the number of people who were working or participating in the workforce were the same as when the president came into office the unemployment rate would really be 11%, so, i don't think there is any cause to celebrate, here and i think if you told the american people four years ago, that the unemployment rate is going to be 7.8%, at this point, during the president's term, i don't think anyone should be satisfied or happy with that. >> chris: governor, are you satisfied for happy. >> i don't think any of us should be happy, we want to return to full employment. and, what we have seen now is 31 months in a row, consecutive months in a ro
possibilitpolicy. tot will be about the economy. an issue that the pundits say will likely decide this election. each campaign offers a vastly different approach to tackling the tough issues including how to lower the nation's 7.8% unemployment rate and how to rein in the national debt that tops $16 trillion. each nominee has 90 minutes to convince the voters that his to get is the best. from abcs moderator is marth news. >> good evening and welcome to the first and only vice- presidential debate of 2012. sponsored by the commission on presidential debates. i am honored to moderate this debate between two men who have dedicated much of their lives to public service. tonight's debate is divided between divided and domestic foreign-policy issues and i will move back and forth between foreign and domestic because that is what a president or vice-president will have to do. we will have nine different segments. i will ask both candidates to question and will each have two minutes to answer. i will encourage the discussion between the candidates with follow-up questions. bicorne toss, it has been det
to the scandal, jjff..... at the vice presidential debate last night, it wasn't the economy but libya thatt ccndidates tackled firrt. the scandaa keepssgrowing, so come election day. day. at the vice presidentiil debate thursddy nnght, candidates duked it out over questions abouttthat ddadly dayyin libya... (debate ryaa debate) "what weeare witnessing as we turn on our television screens these days is the absolute unraveling of (debate-biden) "this is a bunch oo stuff, look here'ss the deal....(what does thatt mean)...well it meann its ssmplyyinaccurate. its prish. we irish call it malarky." vice president biden says neither hee nor the president, were aware of requests to beef up security at the consulate where four americans were killed.... and while they now believe an anti-issam film was not responsible oo inciting the attack....they're still nott from libya attack debate pkg) "to this day, to this dayy e do not have a complete critics aren't happy wwth that reponse. t a hearing in washington this week,,they contenn there were repeated theesaae ......you''e asking n
on fox &pblame for the bad economy. o'malleyyargued that president obama inherited a huge claimed he's only made it o'malley says: "we still have &pa long way to go..and speakin of fdr, no president since him bigger unemployment and bigger deficits nd more wars than president obama, was, by the failed policies of george w. bush, hich resulted in directly, the greatest ob losses since fdr. thissis not easy and it is harddwork but we are movinn forward. ayotte says: "hey, chris, let's ttlk about, though, his policies. of course, we didd't hear in the hour and 25 minutes of debate anything about the stimulus packagee because if you look at the policy, the trickle-down povernment policy, as the governor described it, they represented bellw 6 pprcent unemployment right now, after spendiig all of that money. so, they had full charge of the firss two years and the policies that this president put into place, actually made it worse. including the fact that obamacare is actually -- you ask small employers, it is causing them not to hire because of rising healthcare co" the presidential
weak. the candidates also tackled the economy aad ran's nuclear progrrm.but as ee payne shows us... there were also plenty pf wacky moments. moments. even before the vice there were some memorable yelling from a tree outsideer centre college. and this from the moderator.i am not the scolding type sooi am not really going to repeat all your cellphones. i'm jusst going to give you a warning. i briefing and my phone went off, and my son, who is here whichhis apparently hipphop. so that broke up that aad i've never had my cellphone go off again,,ever again.joe biden att is ooponent's comments... plashing his peaaryywhites a number of times.he also had some interesting word choices. biden: with all due respect that s a bunch offmalarkey. biden: because not a single thing he said is accurate. biden: this is a bunnc of "stuff." look, here's the peal...rrddatz: whht does thatt mean, a bunch of stuuf? biddn: well it means it'ss pt is, weeirish call it malarkey.raddatz: thanks for the translation,,okkbiden: thh prish call it malarkey.and biden's eloqueece.ryan: i -3 ttink the vice presid
of the economy.
/ - has political president... painted a picture... of an economy ... that... may not be... growing... as fast... as we'd like.../, but ... is... at least... going in... the right direction...///.romney... ssys ...the unemployment... rrte is down - / not.... because... mooe people... are inding work - / but... priiarily because... so many have stopped looking... for a nee job altogetherr obama says: "today's neww certainly is not an excuse to try to tall down the economm to score a few pooiticaa points. it's a reminder that to turn back now. "ome tooofar "romney ssys: if the same ssare of people were today as on the day the kforce president got elected, why our unemployment rate would be around 11%. that's the real realityyoo what's happeniig out there." &p find ouu why the a-a-r-p... does not want the pressdent to mention themmagain... that baltimore dot com and click on our vote 2012 icon under hot topiis. 3 bad day for the komen mmrrland race for the cuue fund. fundraiser.organizers ay as the 20th annual event approaches in hunt valley....re
hampshire senator kelly ayote battled it out on fox news sunday over who's to blame for the bad economy. o'malley arguiig the huge &pdeficit president obamm inherited and ayotte arguing how the president has made it worse. o'malley ssys: "we stilllhave a long way to gg. anddspeaking of fdr, no president ince him was left bigger job llsses, deficits and more wars han er - presiient obama, was, by the failed policies of george w. bush, which resulted in directly, the grratest job losses since fdr. thhs is not easy anddit s hard work but we are moving forward. ayotte says: "hey, chris, let's talk abouu, though, his policies. of course, we didn't hear in the hour andd25 minutes of debate anything about the stimulus package, because if you look at the governor ddscribed it, they represented below 6 percent uneeployment right now, after the first two years and the policiis that this president put into place, actually made it worse. including the fact that obamacare is actuullyy-- you ask small employers, ii is ccusing thhm ot to hire because f rising healthcare co" cost." the nnxt debat
ii u.s. history occurred in june economy was starting to roar. tte gdp grew t a staggering 9.3% rate.the second biggest gain was lasttmonth: 873,000. thhs ollows lossee of 115,000 in july and 119,000 in august. nd gdp is growing at a dismal 1.3% -- less than the rate of population dismal 1.3% -- less than gdp is ggowing at follows losses of waa last month: 873,000. the second biggest gain gdp grew aa a starting to roaa. tte eagan econnmy was 1983: 900,,00. the history occurred in june employmenttggin in u.s. the ssngle biggest jobssth - creating 3 33 3 bth - creattng jobsthe singll biggest employment gain in u.s. history occurred in june 1993: 900,000. the reagan &p9.3% rate.the second biggest gain was laat month: 8733000. this follows losses of 1955000 and gdp s growing at a gust. - dismal 1.3% -- less than the rate of poouuation growth. unbelievabll, huh?in its august unemplooment report basee oo interviews of 30,000 adults,,gallupphinted that if the officcal unemployyent rate didn't iicrease then someone isscooking the booksslooks llie the white house has a new cook.for ake
and the economy.but joe biden's inability to keep a everyone's talkinn about this m. natsrning.bidee laughing nats biden wassunder pressure to gain ground after president obama's widely perceivee loss ii the first presidenttil debbte.and his demeanor was a big departure from the president's. biden: with all due respect that s a bunch of malarkey. paddatz: and wwy is that so? thing he saad is accurate. biden: this is aabunch of "stuff." look, herr's tte deal...raddatz: what ddes ttht mean, a unchhof stuff? biden: well it meaas itts pimply inaccurate.ryaa: it's irish. haha.biden: it's irish, it is, we irish ccll it the translation, okkbiden: the irish call it malarkey. liihting up about theedebate this morningg.. and most of the tweets are abbut biden. someone give vice president biden laughing gas efore this " debate?"sam younnman says - "this debate should sttrt playyng on espp classics tomorrow." some are young, some are old... anddsome are even running festival brings all starting line from each of the 50 stttes. states. joel d. smith is wherr everyone wantssto be line, with more onnsomm of
economy that promotes more government dependency, or a dynamic that promotes opportunity and jobs. mitt romney and i will not duck the tough issues are blame others for the next four years. we will take responsibility and we will not try to replace our founding principles. we will reapply our founding principles. the choice is clear, and the choice rests with you. >> thank you both again. this concludes the vice- esidential debate. please tune in next tuesday for the second presidential debate in new york. i'm martha rattis of abc news. i hope all of you go to the polls. have a good evening. [applause] >> what do you think? and did that change the game? of going into the contest, the word from the republicans was that he has to do something to change the momentum. this could be a slide for romney into it. the other side had a different thing to say, and who made the argument that is more believable across america? carl cameron has been listening from the spin room tonight. people said the democrats have to get on track after what happened last week. do you see a game changer? >> we saw
the libya attack.. iran's nuclear pooicy anddthe economy.but joe biden's nability to kkep a straight face is what everyone's talkinn about this m. &pmorninggbiden laughing nats nats biden was under pressure to ggin ground fter president obamaas widely perceived loss in the first presidential debate.and his demmanor was big departure from the ppesiient's. biddnn with all due respect &pthht s a buncc of malarkke. biden: because not a single ?- thing hh said is accurate. biden: this is a bunch of pstuff." look, here'' the deal...raddatz: what does that mean, a bunch of stuff? biden: well it means it's iriss. haha.biden: it'' irish, it is, we irish call it malarkey.raddatzz hanks or irish caal it malarkey.en: the - malarkey.twitter is ssill lightiig up about the debate this morning....and most of the tweets are about biden. chris rock just twwettd "c-n-n breaking news: joe biden caughtton camera still laughing in his hotel roomm" room."ana marre cox wrote this tweet last night... "i pctually happen to havv 'malarkey' in thh drinkiig game. oh geez... "weere guessiig she isn't up yet this m
. libya is someplaae far far awaa i don't ttink they haveea firm grasp on it." believes the economy ill matter far moreeto voters.....than libya. (12:38:25) "people look at libya and think we can take care of it in half an hour if we need to." but the questions about the libya attack linger... and the answers remain unknown. jeff abell, fox 45 news attten the administration hass appointed an accountability review board to examine what happpned n libya and why. that brings us to our question of the day.will the presiient's handling of the attack in libya influencc your 3 a lot of you said ttat this ii the last straw. let's us know what ou think. search foo baltimore on facebook and add your response to our question of the dayy vice president... joe biden... and... republican challenger... paul ryan .../ ffced off... last night... in the... onee.. and only... vp... debate....///thee... tacklld... several serioos opics.../ like... nuclear policy... and the 3 ecooomy....//but .. p joe iden's... áánabilityá.../ to... keep... a... straight face... is.... t
the economy to score a few political pointss it's a reminder that this country has come too far to turn back now. mmtt romney told supporters in abingdon virginia, the coonnry hasn't better. we donnt have to stay closely watcced unemployment report........the occober numbers are sst to come out just four days beffre election day.... &pa high school student in philadeephia says she felt humiliattd by how a teacher reacted to her politicalt-shirt. sam awluccywore a romney-ryan campaign hirt to lass friday. that's when she sayssher honors geometry teachee pingled her out. sam says thee teacher callld in an assistant... who prrtended to draw on her shhrt with a marker... ...then demanded she take it off - saying this is a democraaic school. the teaccer - who is african--merican - parentssrepublican? i said i don't know. sse says that's like her weaaing a kkk shirt because she doo't knows i was livid to sayythe llast that a peeson of er position would take advantage of my daughter like thaa, embarrrss her in front oo all her peers, and make her feel so bad. bad.the family's phonee have been r
ay to teel iffthe economy is in recovery.former fedeeal reserve alan greennpan came up with the measure... saying that if men are buying new underwear, the u-s economy is doing okay. okay.well, according to markee researcher "the pd group"... men's underwear sales are up over the past year. cooing up... adding some orioles flare... o your halloweenncelebrations. celebrations.the speccal stencil he ttam is making available to ll of its fans. raise a glass... to oktoberfest.the beers and brruts you can sample at the annual event. yooure watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((bumm out)) ((breakk1)) 3 barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven... so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build righ
currently exist are &ppllyed by marylandees... does not ake the economy bigger."> 3 but a separaae study - by the maryland publlc policy institute - claims the primmrly benefit casinos operators - not necessarily the owners wooud reap such benefiis as lower tax rates. voters will decide when they go the olls - november 6-th,. melinda roeder - fox 45 news at ten. the fight over the ballot question... overr.. same sex marriage... is also heating up tonight. tonight. : "gay and lesbiin couples wanna marry for the same peasons as we all do." do."last month, baltimore raven brendoonayanbadajo came out... in suppprt of maryland's qqestion 6,.../ a referrndum ...to aalow same-sex marriaae...//. tonight ayanbadajo... is attending a baltimore o'malley... who hhs become or - annther outspoken supporter of same sex marriage...//.but... ppponents are speaking out too. "one one has the right to redefiine marriage" marriaae" tte... "maryland marriage aaliance"... has... ome out... with its... firrt....television ad... against... queston six....//aater.... lawmaaers... approved same opponents..
newss. all local.. all - porning. 3&p((bump in)) tte economy may still be wavering, but nnt he bankss ttey're till sending &pcredit-ccrd oofers with enticing rewardss cass-back pates. consumer reports juutt analyyeddmore than 50 cards... inccuding ones that are ggod ffr those strrugling to pay off their credit-card debt.á debt.á (v/o)robert muthumbi says he hasn't bbught his kids a christmas ttee in two years - all in an effort to chip away at 10-thousaad dolllrs in making efforts to payythhm pown, wo or three timee moree that ii due."(v/o)but with interess rates on his cards at 166and 22 percent, he ssys familiee like the muthhmbis, r transferring tte baaances tt a card with a lwerrapr.(sot) "you can often find cards with very low interest rates, even down to zero, for balance transfers. but look carefully at the termm because they can vary a llt from card to ccrd." (v/o)yooure often charged a bblance transfer fee - usually three to four percent up loo apr often lasts only 12 to - found the chase slate carr is good for peoppeewhh can pay off the baaance quickly. it has zero inte
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